Real Flower Jewelry: The Beauty Of A Moment, Preserved Forever

Mehndi, one of the oldest forms of body art, involves the adornment of a person’s skin with henna designs. These often take the form of floral patterns, particularly when applied for bridal ceremonies. Preserved flowers can augment the beauty of Mehndi body art. Real flower jewelry goes along with the plant that henna represents (henna is a dye made from plants), and adds a permanent touch that does not fade, even after the fresh flowers of the day have died.

Every Piece Is Original

RETRYTRWith so many celebrities walking the red carpet with gowns or suits that have been tailored to meet their personal needs, the concept of a unique, custom-made piece of jewelry is highly appealing. Real flower jewelry offers the average consumer a chance for a unique piece of art that is both affordable and one of a kind. Cultures whose traditions incorporate nature into their ceremonial dress, as well as consumers who want a takeaway from a party or event, can take advantage of this unique kind of jewelry; a keepsake flower that will never die.

A Variety Of Options

Many companies now specialize in crafting real flower jewelry, and the designs are as vast and varied as the flowers themselves. On their websites, manufacturers emphasize the care that is taken to select only the pristine specimens to turn into jewelry carefully. Wholesalers offer online purchase options as well as local showrooms where products are put on display.

Depending on the region where the company is based, options for flowers vary. Orchids are a popular choice due to their unique color combinations, but other plants can also be selected for their aesthetic beauty, regional importance, or cultural significance.

SDFSDFSDCustomers looking to purchase real flower jewelry can order earrings, pendants, brooches, necklaces, or pretty much any other type of ornament they can imagine. The appeal for many is the unique aspect of the art itself. By their very nature, these pieces cannot be mass-produced. Every flower is subtly different, and therefore one of a kind.

The Process

Companies that sell real flower jewelry begin with cultivating the flowers themselves. Many own large fields or greenhouses and genetically engineer their flowers to create vibrant colors, custom sizes, and desired styles.

Coating flowers in resin make real flower jewelry. The resin can either be carefully painted in multiple layers to preserve a flower’s shape eternally. Companies that boast unique works of art employ artisans who carefully paint the resin onto a flower in extremely thin layers, allowing each to dry thoroughly for extra durability.

Mari Wright